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Project Automation – Website Development

When working on a website project, often you’ll find the need to synchronize your local source code to your development server, i.e. after making several changes for a new feature. The straightforward and common method of doing this is with your favorite FTP client …

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Automated Project Versioning

For certain projects, you might find yourself in need of a way to store and manipulate version numbers for a project (i.e., managing website revisions.) Using JSON, C, and Bash, you can easily create a system for automatically managing version numbers.

JSON is a great …

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Super-Charging rsync Transfers

is a great utility for transferring files across a network, such as synchronizing your project folders onto a development server. The only downside if you frequently use rsync to transfer changes across the network is that you have to wait for a new SSH …

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Script: Automatic PHP Manual Updater

I always have the PHP chm manual open when coding, and it’s updated frequently. Instead of having to manually download a new copy every time it’s updated, I have a script that runs every night at 3 AM to …

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